Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baking, Sewing and Chicks

It is once again time for Small Successes over at Faith & Family Live. I don't participate very often, but I just had to share this week because I am so excited by my first success:

1. I made graham crackers! I've been wanting to make these since I first received King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking and am sorry I waited so long. The process is a lot like pie crust; while I don't make pie crust very often (for health reasons), I'd very much like to be proficient at making pie crust. Kansas Dad and I enjoyed the crackers more than the kids so next time I'm going to try the chocolate ones. (Read more about how much I love this cookbook here.)

2. I've been cross-stitching a bit again. I started a Christmas stocking for First Son the month before I became pregnant with Second Daughter and have touched it only rarely since. I was inspired by this post which I found linked from this one. I admit to just skimming the post, but one point caught my attention, "Think about which activities wear you down and which give you energy." I find myself spending many an evening at the computer doing things that seem necessary, but I think spending more time on my little hobby will do much more to relax me in the evenings. Maybe I'll even finish it for Christmas.

3. The chicks are still alive. Kansas Dad deserves the credit for the chickens, but it's a pretty amazing success.


  1. FANTASTIC list!!! How yummy on graham crackers! I want to make those!

    Great job for all!

  2. Thanks for visiting, ViolinMama. I noticed you've left a lot of encouraging comments on the Small Successes posts. How sweet!

    And those graham crackers were good. I really need to try the chocolate ones. (I just need to remember to get everything ready so I can bake first thing in the morning, before it gets too hot.)


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