Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Celebrations and Recoveries

My birthday was last week and here are my two favorite presents:

First Son made me a BIG card. LarryBoy and Sumo wish me a happy birthday.

Kansas Dad stayed home from work (he didn't have any classes scheduled, of course) to start baby-proofing the living room. We now have a baby gate to keep Second Daughter from the kitchen and all the dressers, shelves and cabinets in the living room and kids' room have been anchored. We still need to address the table saw currently stored in the living room and the wires hanging tantalizingly down the back of the TV, but Second Daughter is partly contained in a semi-safe room. (The older kids are doing their best to ensure she still has an interesting environment complete with access to scissors, glue sticks and lots of Legos.)

A few days after my birthday I caught a horrible bug that kept me lying down for the better part of three days. Kansas Dad handled the household on his own and a fabulous job he did! I think it was in better shape while I was sick than when I'm well.


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  2. You'll have to tell me the secret if you find away to keep legos and art supplies away from small people. The boys are lego-crazy and they are EVERYWHERE! Once Asher is mobile, we are in big trouble.

  3. So far, no luck here. Second Daughter has already been caught chewing on a Lego and First Son (instead of being contrite and learning a lesson as I'd hoped) was just thrilled she'd found it for him! I have big dreams of a playroom I can divide in half when we build our in six years or so I'll have a great way to keep the "baby" away from small toys.

  4. Glad you're feeling better. We should plan a get together, dh's vacation starts tomorrow :)

  5. Absolutely, Janelle! Now that it's summer our schedule is much lighter. Send me an email with some suggestions on days/times that would work for you. I want to meet the baby! (And now just Sweetiepie.)


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