Friday, July 31, 2009


We know have a chest freezer full with half a steer and half a hog. All natural! (Which we hope means they didn't want to hassle with being certified organic.) We are thrilled, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Any suggestions on rationing so much meat? I feel like it should last us a year, but I'm not sure.


  1. Wow, that sounds awesome. I guess I would just try to use all the different parts equally so I didn't end up with 20 pounds of one kind by the end. Maybe keep a list and check off what you use, so you know what's left. Did they give you anything like the cow heart or tongue? I remember my mom boiling the cow heart and it was the most disgusting smell, but it tasted okay. We took cow heart sandwiches to school and grossed out all the other kids!

    Where did you get the meat from? Did you have to have someone to buy the other half? Can I ask how much they charged? I'm curious because that's something we want to do sometime.

  2. We did get the tongue, but not the heart. (They offered it to us, though.) I have no idea what we're going to do with the tongue. Perhaps your family would like to come taste it with us. (We'd have other food, too.) We also got all the soup bones and such so I can make stock.

    I'll email you where we got it, but we didn't have to share the animal. They just sold us the halves. Now, Kansas Dad is considering raising our own hogs next year in which case we'd need to find someone to share the meat (depending on how many survived and how big they were).

  3. Yeah, I remember eating cow tongue sandwiches, too. I don't remember how my mom cooked it though. I'll have to ask her. It seems weird now to think of eating a tongue! But, I'd be game!


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