Friday, July 17, 2009

Crossing Things Off the List

Small Successes is a little late this week, but not forgotten! I'm so pleased because I think we had a good productive week here on the Range.

1. My husband and I both went for eye exams and ordered new glasses (prescription sunglasses for me and I promise to really really try to not lose them this time!).

2. Kansas Dad and I went on a date! Without kids!

3. We've been fixing baby gates, hanging pictures, installing baby-safe outlets, purchasing and installing a new used printer (oh, how wonderful it is to print again!) and replacing the batteries in our weather alarm. And by we, I mean Kansas Dad. I did, however, put the June pictures in our photo album. I also made my favorite recipe successfully in the new bread machine, made two loaves of banana nut bread and planned a small gathering for Second Daughter's birthday this weekend.

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  1. All those things and a date besides? Sounds like a great week to me! Janet

  2. Thanks, Amy & Janet. It was a good week!


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