Friday, July 3, 2009

Kicked Out of the House

In case you were wondering, the plans for building your own chicken tractor in this book are near disastrous. Kansas Dad does not recommend you try them at home. He'll be looking elsewhere for the next one. (This one will house all of them for a while and the males until they head to the chopping block. He's going to build a different one with nests for the hens.)

Kansas Dad now plans a thorough cleaning of the master bathroom, which has housed our seedlings and our chicks for the past few months.


  1. what breed are these? They look rather white. nesting boxes aren't too difficult to build and if you go to boeing surplus sales on Fridays when they are open you will find some delightful former shipping crates that will give you a great push start to building a coop and nesting boxes. The nesting boxes can be as little as $1. You should bring a trailer with you :)

  2. They're Buff Orpingtons, and they don't look very white in person; it must be the picture. Kansas Dad was wondering about the size of the shipping crates you've found. Apparently, this breed is just about as big as you can get for a dual purpose breed.

    Not that he'll be building the nesting home in the next few weeks with his sprained ankle.


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