Thursday, July 9, 2009

Organizing, Organizing and Baking

1. I uploaded all my June pictures to Snapfish to share with family and friends. I also uploaded all the pictures I want to order from Winkflash (which has much cheaper rates, but the customer service is not nearly as good) and I ordered them! I've gotten much smarter about my online photo ordering. Now as I go through the pictures during the month, I put them all in a folder, renaming the ones I want to order with the date. Then, at the end of the month, I don't have to think about which ones I want to print. When they arrive in the mail, I don't have to look up their dates (which I like to have for the album), because the file name is printed on the back. Perfect!

2. I helped Kansas Dad go through a pile of clothes at the bottom of the closet and we have a whole box to drop off for charity in addition to the cleared floor space. I also found a bag of maternity clothes that had somehow made it from my sister-in-law to my sister to my mom to me, even though they would never fit me in any stage of pregnancy or non-pregnancy. I was supposed to donate them to charity, but stuck them in the closet and now am happy to say my sister-in-law needs them again and was very glad to hear they were still around! (Now I just need to box them up and mail them to her...but surely we must save something for next week's Small Success!)

3. I've made two successful loaves of bread with the new bread machine and am building my confidence to attempt my old favorite recipe, which will need a little tweaking in the new machine.

And, as a bonus, Kansas Dad was able to successfully release the skunk caught in the trap we set for the raccoon without getting sprayed.

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