Sunday, July 26, 2009

Portrait of Second Daughter at One Year and One Week

She weighs about 22 pounds (70th percentile) and is about 30 inches tall (75th percentile). She has six teeth (the last peeking through just a few days ago).

She signs more and all done.

She says two words, bye bye and baby. An unpracticed ear cannot tell the difference.

She scoops up each baby doll she finds, hugs it to her chest and rocks back and forth, soothing the little one. Sometimes she does this with other things she finds. Like the phone.

She crawls, pulls herself up and even cruises a little. In the past week, she has started walking if you hold her hands. But she loves stairs most of all. She'll climb stairs all day long, if you let her. (We don't.) She can't resist climbing. She's always climbing on top of the bins we use for toy storage, and then crying because she can't get down. She also loves to crawl up on her brother's toddler bed. And then cry when she can't get down. When you pick her up and put her back on the floor, she immediately climbs up again.

She dances when we sing, especially when she hears Veggie music or songs with her name. (We modify Pig On Her Head by Laurie Berkner, changing the animals and the names to suit us. We sing it every day.)

Her favorite foods by far are green beans, peas and blueberries. So far, the only meat she'll eat is bacon. She's the only one of our children to like watermelon. She loves to feed herself applesauce and yogurt, but that's probably partly because she gives herself facials at the same time.

She screeches when she wants something. It is a very unpleasant sound.

If you give her a cup with a tiny bit of water in it, she can get about half the water into her mouth. The rest goes everywhere else.

She hates the fly swatter. She'll cry if she sees someone pick it up.

She is, as you can see, practically perfect.

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