Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Comparing Wipes Solutions

I think I mentioned before that we use cloth wipes when changing Second Daughter at home. Or rather, I use cloth wipes at home. (Kansas Dad still prefers the disposable ones.) We tried a couple of different types of wipes, but the ones I like the best are these flannel & sherpa ones. I ordered ours as part of the New-to-Cloth Accessory Package, which can include the wonderful diaper sprayer.

I guess you could use the cloths dry, or just add water, but I like using a wipes solution. They seem to clean a little better.

I've been able to try two different wipes solutions: Baby Bits and Baby Bum Drops. They are both very easy to dilute. I follow the advice at Cloth Diaper Outlet, which you can find by following the link to Baby Bits. I warm a bit of water in the microwave for a minute, then drop in one tiny chunk of either brand. A few swirls to dissolve and I pour it into my squirt bottle, then add water to fill.

I think both solutions work just fine, once it's time for a diaper change. I love how the Baby Bits smell when that warm water hits them (not that the Baby Bum Drops aren't nice as well), but the Baby Bum Drops are easier to dissolve. The Baby Bits make the water a bit opaque as they're dissolving, so sometimes it's a little hard to see the tiny bit that might be left. Because we only use cloth wipes at home, the boxes last a very long time (even when we had two in diapers). I don't think it would be a stretch to say a box will last us six months. In fact, I've been meaning to try making my own solution (surely I could search for a recipe online), but I've been so pleased with the ones we have and they've lasted so long, I haven't tried it yet.

It's so easy to wipe baby with a cloth wipe and toss it in with the diaper. There's no extra work in washing, maybe just a few minutes extra when folding. I like to fold mine and keep them in a nice stack, but I suppose you could toss them in a basket and eliminate that extra time as well. (I not only fold them, I fold them in half with the sherpa side out, because I like to squirt that side with the solution, and I alternate the folds so the pile stays straight. I know it's excessive, and I don't care. I like them that way.)

If you're using cloth diapers, don't be afraid to try cloth wipes. Personally, I think they are more effective and I love being able to walk past that diaper aisle completely!

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