Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day Declared a Success

The highlights:

- We started with First Day of School pictures, just five minutes later than I had hoped.
- We hit all of our planned subjects. First Son asked for more of almost everything. (He doesn't care to be told he's holding his pencil incorrectly during handwriting.)
- We went outside twice.
- I did three loads of laundry, and hung them all out to dry.
- Both girls took a nap.
- I exercised. (We'll pretend I've been doing that all along.) I also took a shower.
- I sort of planned dinner. (I took some pasta sauce out of the freezer and told Kansas Dad we could warm it up.)
- We successfully made salt clay hand prints for our arts & crafts activity.
- I've already pulled out all the books and materials for tomorrow's lessons.

I have pictures that I hope to share in the next few days. Tonight, I'm taking a computer night off (after publishing this post) and tomorrow night we're hitting a library book sale -- without the kids! (Thanks, Grammy!!)


  1. WOW, MAJOR SUCCESS!! I'm so happy for you and proud of you!

  2. I really enjoy your blog & this "peak" into homeschooling. I have many friends who homeschool & I've always been so curious to see what their day is like. I'll be homeschooling our 3 year old thru preschool & rotating this with other moms in our MOMS Club. I was stunned to find out 90% of my friends were sending their 3yr olds to preschool. Be sure to check out NoveList from the library's website for great Kansas book ideas. We're book crazy too!

  3. How long is the book sale? I desperately need to add to our (non-existent) collection. SOunds like a successful day to me, congrats :)

  4. Congrats on the good start! I hope our first day goes as well.

  5. Ooh, salt clay! I've got to make some of that. My daughter loves playing with doughs and she would adore making a hand print (and I'd love to have one).

  6. First Son said he didn't like how the salt clay smelled, but it seemed to work pretty well. I have some pictures and will try to post them later tonight along with a link to the book where I found the recipe. I'm sure you could find one online, too. In fact, I've planned a different dough activity for next week (one First Son has requested a number of times) and we're going to try a different recipe, one that might dry better.


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