Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Music Appreciation for the Year

I didn't want a formal music appreciation time this year, but I did want to introduce some of the works of famous composers. So I decided we'd just play selected pieces during our late morning playtime when we might otherwise listen to something less edifying.

With the help of a fellow homeschooling mom, who has a background in music, I've selected a composer for each month, mainly in chronological order:


She wisely suggested including pieces of different types (piano, symphony, etc.) because otherwise it can all start to sound the same. Karen Andreola also suggested starting at a different piece each time as her girls listened most closely to the first few selections.

We happen to have an extensive collection of Bach, as he is probably my favorite composer. I also requested a couple of CDs from the library. Each day, during our playtime, I'll play one on random. If the kids ask, I'll tell them the name of the composer and the name of the piece, but I don't intend for them to memorize anything. My goal is to develop a familiarity with the music, which will hopefully encourage a greater enjoyment as they grow.


  1. I just thought I'd suggest the inclusion of one of my favorite composers - Dvorak, especially his New World symphony. =)

  2. Thanks, Tiffany. I'll keep Dvorak in mind for some listening next summer (or if one of the composers here turns out to be really disliked).

    And, of course, we will listen to other things as well, just not necessarily during our music / playtime.


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