Saturday, August 8, 2009


Yesterday, I thought I was having a great productive morning. I cleared breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, had the washer and dryer running, started a loaf of bread, made a loaf of banana bread and so on. We had some gifts ready for Kansas Dad to deliver and he was running errands and grocery shopping. It was wonderful.

Then I stepped over the baby barrier into the living room and discovered how the children had entertained themselves so well.

What really astounds me, though, is how Second Daughter managed to lose a book from our bookshelves. The cover for The Idiot was discovered, but the book is nowhere to be found.


  1. Oh yes, I can relate. I long for days when every room in the house is clean and in order AT THE SAME TIME.

  2. Why do I have the feeling that will only happen when the last kid has gone off to college?

    And that I'll then be wishing for just a little mess...


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