Thursday, September 3, 2009

This Is My Life

It's time for more small successes. Does posting about small successes count as a small success? I missed out last week even though we'd had three good days of homeschooling.

1. The kids have been outside at least once every day of homeschooling. I'm very proud of this fact because taking them outside is a hassle, but I had hoped to get them outside at least twice a day. I'm probably going to end up changing the schedule a bit. Stay tuned. (I know you're all on the edge of your seats.)

2. I seriously cleaned the kitchen dining area on Tuesday, including all the cinnamon we had spread on the window sills to keep out the ants. (They hate cinnamon, but apparently they were getting in somewhere else.) I even mopped again. I also showed First Son how to wash windows, though he wasn't as interested as I'd hoped. (It's so nice to be able to post this for Small Successes. Have you ever noticed how it's much more obvious when things are dirty than when things are clean?)

3. I have worked out faithfully three days a week since we started our school year. (That's five times, for those of you trying to do the math in your head.)

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  1. You have worked out five more times than I have. Congratulations!!
    Love the blog and your sense of humor. I look forward to visiting again.

  2. Found your blog on Faith and Family. Your kids are so adorable!!

    Does the cinnamon really work? We've had an ant invasion all summer and I've tried just about everything.

  3. Hi FCW. Thanks for visiting. The cinnamon does really work - the ants hate it. However, it can be messy, and it requires you figure out exactly where they're getting in. We just sprinkle it in a line in front of doors and such. Usually you only need it for a few weeks (though you might have to replenish since the smell can fade) when the ants are really active.

    You can also torture little ants by sprinkling a little in their path...or in a circle around them. You can easily see how they try to avoid it.

    I prefer it to other methods because I know my crawling baby can crawl right through it or put it in her mouth and it's just cinnamon. And we don't have to worry about always supporting a chemical industry. (We don't avoid such things entirely.) I don't know anything about ant-trap companies, but it just seems to make sense to me to avoid chemicals and the companies that make them (and create waste products of various natures) when we can.

  4. What a great list!! Love the any idea! Anything that seems small is SO much bigger than we think it is. Sorry I'm late once again reading, but thanks for inspiring me this weekend :) God Bless!

  5. that should say ANT not any...ANT idea...


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