Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Alphabet Antics

AlphaOops!: The Day Z Went First by by Alethea Kontis, illustrated by Bob Kolar

First Son grabbed this book as soon as we brought it home from the library and has read it at least once a day since. It's a humorous guess at what would happen if Z wanted to go first, instead of A. First Daughter enjoys the book, too, but she doesn't understand the concept of the alphabet as well as First Son. I think this book is perfect for early readers. They'll understand the humor better than if they only know how to say their ABCs.

First Son has recently decided he needs to act out the book. He uses the pieces from our ABC puzzle and lines them all up in order on the table, just like at the bottom of the pages in the book.


  1. Sounds good! I just finished going through What to Read When yesterday and made a huge list of books to check out, including this one. I loved that the book had recommendations for lots of books published recently!

  2. I thought of you specifically when I read What to Read When because of all the recent books. I have over 300 books to read from What to Read When...and I even ignore most of the more mature ones she listed! (I figured I could return to the book later.)

  3. Are you using Amazon to organize your lists? I'm trying to find a good system. Our library has a new online system for listing and tagging books, but I'm not sure yet if I like it.

  4. I do use Amazon, and I love it! I have a default list set (right now, it's an "overflow" to read list because I wasn't making enough progress on the first one as I kept adding books). It's a private list, so no one can see it. When I see a book I like, I add it to the list.

    On the To Read list I'm currently going through, I order them by title, then request them from the library pretty much by the page (about 25 books a week). If I come across one they don't have, I move it to a list for interlibrary loan books. (The new wish list makes it very easy to move books from one list to another.) Once I read through them, I either delete them, move them to lists for when the kids get older, or move them to a wish list for one of the three. (They each have separate searchable wish lists. You can find them by searching for my name, if you want to see.) I have 3 or 4 other lists, too, for other groups of books.

    Our library has a system for saving books to lists, too, but I find it's not quite as useful since they don't actually have all the books in the world. Amazon at least has a listing for most of them.

    I think I wrote a post about using wish lists (before they made it even easier). I'll see if I can find it to send you the link.


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