Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Daughter at Three

Way back on September 30th, I took First Daughter for her well-child check up. She is, of course, healthy. She weighed 32 pounds (a bit under the 75th percentile) and was 38" tall (right at the 75th percentile).

The kids were all great, though Second Daughter was uneasy from the moment we arrived. I even brought a picture book for the feast day to read while we waited (St. Jerome and the Lion by Margaret Hodges). I was hoping to meet Kansas Dad for lunch, so I stalled the kids after the appointment with some muffins and The Year At Maple Hill Farm. Sadly, he ended up in a meeting, but I was pretty pleased at how well-behaved the kids were. I'm going to start traveling everywhere with "school" books!

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