Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Lucky One

This fine rooster is now living with our hens. He had the good luck to be one of the ones we were considering when he wandered close to Kansas Dad. Decision made.

Interestingly, the night after we pulled this guy out, the chicken tractor housing the roosters was upended by a serious Kansas wind. The other nine were found wandering behind the house and practically followed Kansas Dad back to their doom.

They are now in our freezer and our fridge. Kansas Dad butchered five of them with the help of some friends last Thursday and finished off the last four this morning on his own. He is my hero. We plan to feast on one of them early next week in celebration. I've joked that it better be the tastiest chicken we've ever eaten, because it's certainly the most expensive. (Luckily, most of the cost so far has been for building materials that we won't need to repurchase for future cohorts.)

In other good news, our chicken feed costs should be cut in half.


  1. I hope they taste great! I have a friend who says that once you eat a pastured bird you'll never go back to the grocery store variety. For your sake, I hope she is right. For the record, everything we read about pastured eggs ended up being true. The yolks really are a different color (bright deep orange). The shells are thicker, the whites are tighter, etc.

    I know what you mean about the expense! But so worth it...

  2. You really amaze me at all the things you do!!

  3. I am so excited about your first, um, harvest? We've been getting our chicken (and beef and eggs) from a local farmer who pasture raises, and they are terrific.
    Great work, KD!

  4. Also, Mother Earth News did a study about the nutritional value of eggs from pastured chickens. Some significant differences.

  5. Well, we don't have eggs yet, but the chicken was tasty! Kansas Dad is pretty amazing, isn't he?


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