Sunday, October 11, 2009

Query X

A question of utmost importance:

When dressing a baby in a onesie and tights, do the tights go over or under the onesie?

And, a corollary, if a preschooler is allowed to choose her own tights and selects gray and pink stripes when she's wearing a brown dress with cream embroidery, is it appropriate to allow her to wear them to church?

I'm in favor of battle-free Sunday mornings (which is why I choose the clothes and they all know it). I did say she could pick her own tights...

I'm leaning toward allowing it. After all, it's 100% better than what she picked to wear to the store yesterday...


  1. 1. Tights outside onesie. Two reasons, elastic @ top can be uncomfortable, and if there is an accident, there are higher odds of the tights being still wear-able.

    2. Do not fight this fight. It is not win-able. Let her wear the tights. By the time she is about 5, she'll start to "get" matching. And if she doesn't, it matters not (until her friends start calling her out on it. Then she'll figure it out.)

    If I'm feeling particularly sensitive about a mismatched outfit, I may make a comment to someone who I'm talking to, like..."Lauren picked out her own clothes today! She loves bright colors." Or somthing that demonstrates clearly that I am the kind of mom that doesn't get worked up about things like that...Really. ;-)

  2. I usually opt for tights under the onesie for two reasons - the tights stay pulled up and look neater, and I think it's easier to take an extra pair of tights in case they get wet/soiled, hopefully instead of needing to change the onesie that probably matches the jumper or whatever else she is wearing.

  3. We have a Saturday night routine that all church clothes, including socks/tights and shoes, get picked out and layed that night, to avoid such battles (or at least they happen that night instead of the next morning.)

  4. Hmm, thanks for the suggestions on the tights. I went over the onesie because it seemed easier to get them on.

    I think Parenting in the Pews suggested pulling everything out the night before. We don't usually have too much of a problem because each person basically has one set of "Sunday clothes" and wears the same thing every week. I hadn't considered the tights because over the summer First Daughter was wearing little socks, but it was so cold I thought we'd switch to tights. I let her pick them and that's what she wore. She ended up wearing a pink sweater over the dress so they almost seemed to match anyway.

    I generally let the kids wear whatever they put on, with encouragement to change to something more weather-appropriate if necessary. Save the battles for the things that matter, right?

    Plus, it gives me something to laugh about as we go out the door, when I usually need a laugh.

  5. I usually let the kids pick out what they want to wear. If we are staying home I make sure to tell them to wear old clothes and I don't care what it is as long as it fits the weather. Hence, today Anne is wearing pink flowered pants and a purple polka-dotted shirt. If we are going somewhere, I tell them to put their nicer pants/jeans and shirts on. I try to keep several shirts in the closet for "nicer." Otherwise ALL the clothes would end up looking raggedy and stained. It is GREAT to have them be able to dress independently. I'm down to one I have to help! For now. :)

  6. I vote for tights under the onesie, but that is because my daughters always tried to strip them off when I wasn't looking. :)

    As far as choosing clothes, I chose a compromise version between letting them choose and letting them not choose. I hung everything up as complete outfits, or at least anything I cared about matching. Then, for instance, on a Sunday morning, I would let them reach out and select a whole outfit...problem solved. They were happy, and Mama was happy. ;)

    Of course, I was in a situation when I started doing this where I had more closet space than drawers because we owned very little furniture...

  7. With cloth diapers, I would do tights over the onesie for sure. Otherwise you're just asking for wicking.

    And as for matching, I don't get too worked up, but I usually do try a gentle suggestion of a better choice if it's for church, and let it go if Clover doesn't agree.

  8. Hmmm...I think Hilary is masquerading as me now... Although on topics such as this, I fully rely on her expertise... ;-)

  9. I thought it odd that Joel knew about the tights/onesie/cloth diaper dilemma - but if it really was Hilary that explains that!

    With disposable diapers we did tights under onesie then the diaper cover that came with the dress over it all, otherwise the tights would slide down.

    As for matching, Sydney is almost 5 and still doesn't really get it. I try to help her, but I think its so cute when she's mismatched. I only hope other people know she picked out her own outfit!


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