Friday, October 23, 2009

Quote: The Young People's Book of Saints

And not before the Emperor put off all his royal clothes and put on sackcloth and in the sight of all Milan confessed his sin, promised amendment, and lay on his face before the High Altar was he allowed once more to receive Holy Communion.


And the Emperor so loved and respected Ambrose for showing that the law of God is greater than the law of even the most powerful man that he said, "Ambrose is the only man I think worthy of the name of Bishop."

Hugh Ross Williamson in The Young People's Book of Saints from The Catholic Company


  1. Oh! The story of Bishop Ambrose is fast becoming a favorite around here. Thank you for sharing the quotes...

    I love that not only did Ambrose stand up to Theodosius, but then Theodosius acutally repented. What a powerful story.

  2. And not only repented, but spoke of how thankful he was that the Bishop showed him the Truth of his sins and did not relent.

  3. So true!

    The telling that we read today said that Ambrose was the only one who was willing to tell him the truth. We marvelled that truth is such a powerful thing...for the people definitely had a better Emperor due to having such a righteous bishop!

    I love these old (and true!) stories, don't you?

  4. I do! And I especially love stories of the saints.


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