Monday, October 19, 2009

Still Going Strong

Second Daughter is fifteen months old today and she's still nursing. First Son weaned himself just a few days shy of fourteen months. I weaned First Daughter completely by the time she was thirteen months old. Second Daughter has shown no signs of giving it up. Though she only nurses a couple of times during the day (before nap, before bed), she still nurses quite a few times at night. I've never nursed a fifteen-month-old before.

It seems very much the same as nursing a twelve-month-old.


  1. That's great! I weaned my second at 13 months - the other two weaned themselves at 10 months. I had thought I might try to go longer with the third, but she was just not interested.

  2. It seemed to me to be no different until they could start talking about nursing, at which point they can also understand (though not always accept gracefully) that this is something you only do in private...

    Enjoy your nursing toddler!


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