Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Query XIII

What do I do with a baby who insists on removing her socks over and over again?

I mean, it's pretty chilly in the house. We keep the thermostat in the low 60s. Even Kansas Dad wears socks (and sometimes shoes) in the kitchen.

But the baby (yes, I know she's almost 17 months old) seems oblivious. Does that mean her feet aren't cold? Or do I really need to replace the socks every ten minutes?


  1. Clover is this way. I used to keep putting them back on, but now I just let her do what she wants. Sometimes she complains she's cold, and I remind her that putting on socks would help, to which she usually replies "no, maybe I should put on a sweater."

  2. Hilary, that's funny. First Daughter isn't a huge fan of socks, either. And she has a definite preference for certain sweatshirts or sweaters over others. Today she put on a winter hat inside rather than change her sweatshirt or put on socks. I don't worry about her as much as the baby, though, because I know she can put socks on if she's cold.

    But I guess the baby could bring me her socks if she wanted them back on. She does that with shoes all the time. And her coat (not because she's cold, but because she wants to go outside).

  3. Only replace the socks every 10 minutes if grandmas are there! :)


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