Monday, January 4, 2010

Query XV

How do you know your six-year-old has been watching too much football on TV?

Perhaps when he quotes: "Not too heavy. Not too light...The difference is drinkability."


  1. Hmm, this sounds all a bit too familiar. Simon will watch as much football as we'll allow (which is not a huge amount), and it does seem the beer commercials have the most memorable slogans. At least they're better than the commercials for horror movies or CSI-type dramas that come on during the games!

  2. I agree, Hilary, those are the worst. First Son usually watches for a little while on Sunday afternoons, but devotes most of his attention to Grammy. While we were visiting my dad, though, we watched as much football as was on (and sometimes games recorded on the DVR). If there was no football, we watched basketball. I think he saw a year's worth of commercials in a week. It's a small price to pay for 12 days with my family, but it's still disturbing to hear him quote stuff like that so casually.

  3. Wesley once said, "All the other 'abilities' are bad, but 'drinkability is good."

    Now we use picture in picture to make the screen very small and muted while there are commercials. It has been a welcome change.

  4. My parents have DVR and can pause live TV so we do that when we remember, but sometimes they have the announcers during the game read little commercials, too.


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