Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Difficult Name

No one thinks to suggest you should name your first child something easy for later children to say. My brother and his wife had wonderful luck with their first, without really planning it, but we did not fare so well. First Son could not say his own name for many years. First Daughter managed a little better with his name. At least you could see where she had put together some of the correct sounds. (She said her own name quite well, but it's a very easy name to say.)

Second Daughter has been able to say her own name and her sister's name for months, or at least a reasonable approximation of her own name. Her brother's name, however, continues to elude her. Currently, she has settled on "Beda" which I can share with you because it is different from what his name really is. I imagine those who know us in real life will be amused. (No, she's not saying brother. She says that quite recognizably.)

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