Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Lost Tooth

Otherwise entitled: My Husband Is My Hero

Today, First Son lost his tooth! He was eating a snack (popcorn and raisins) and suddenly said, "My tooth is gone!" I was certain he'd swallowed it, but he found it on the floor. He kept saying, "I can't wait until Dad gets home so I can show him my tooth."

As soon as Kansas Dad walked in the door, First Son was hopping in front of him, "Can you see anything different about me?"

The tooth was stored carefully on the kitchen counter so First Son could put it under his pillow. But tragedy struck. I was cleaning up after dinner, pulled the cord for the electric griddle and sent that little tiny tooth flying...right down the crack between the counter and the stove. Kansas Dad found me in tears and said he'd take care of it.

He pulled the stove away from the wall and carefully swept section by section the grossness that has accumulated in the past year until he found that tooth. Such relief for the poor mama who did not want to explain to her little boy how she'd lost his very first tooth!

As a bonus, the area under the stove is very clean.

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