Friday, February 19, 2010

Love Is Hauling Books

Every Friday, I send Kansas Dad to the "big" library in town. He hauls in two big bags full of returns, then stands at the desk while they retrieve 20-30 books from the back for him, ones I've requested over the past week. The wonderful library ladies know him and are always gracious. I think they are happy to see him and glad to see the books going in and out of the library. Who would work at a library and not be pleased to see books being read? Kansas Dad, though, is always a little sheepish, but he goes anyway. Every week. For me.


  1. Betsy is the most well-known frequenter of our library. We get 20-30 books per month, and we do interlibrary loan, etc., etc.

    When we're late on a book, we usually get a wink instead of a fine.

    Kansas Dad, you need to learn to embrace the intoxicating power of being a popular patron of the library.

  2. We pay a reasonable annual fee to be "gold members" (or some such thing) of the library. Not only can I request an unlimited number of books without paying the 25 cents each time, we have a grace period for returning books. It comes in quite handy!


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