Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Small Successes XVIII

I haven't posted about any Small Successes since last November. I was too busy keeping the minimum done around the house and growing a baby and couldn't mention Fourth Baby because I was being mum on the blog until I was farther along. Things are moving along much closer to normal now, at least for a while.

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, Faith & Family does exactly that. Here are mine:

1. I started to tackle the "clothes to put away" pile in my closet. These are the clothes kids have outgrown or when seasons change or when we receive clothes that are too big just yet. I eventually sort them into boxes by gender and size. It's not something I maintain in a regular way, though I should. I am almost ashamed to admit (but I will because I hope you find it amusing) that I found in the pile some 24 month dresses First Daughter wore that somehow didn't make it back in the 24 month box when I did the rest of her clothes. I hung them back in the closet for Second Daughter to wear.

2. I recently discovered my new bread machine has a pizza dough setting that takes only 45 minutes (compared to the hours I used to wait for the regular bread dough setting). It seems to work best if I let it sit in the machine for a little while to rise some more (which it will not do on the counter after I roll it out because the kitchen is so cold), but we can still have pizza dough in an hour. Yum!

3. I started planning for our homeschool next year. I've bought a few things, picked out what else we need (except what we're going to do for music appreciation; I'm a bit at a loss there still) and then made a wish list of a bunch of other stuff I want, if I can fit them in the budget. I'm excited about it, which is good because I want to get everything purchased and the first month planned before baby is born so it'll be ready to go when I emerge from the newborn fog just in time for school.

And, a bonus fourth: Kansas Dad had a fabulous time cutting down our dead pine tree with his chainsaw and then having a massive bonfire last night. (Burn, pine wilt-causing nematodes!) Hopefully I'll get some pictures up later tonight.

Go read some more small successes and add your own!


  1. What GREAT GREAT GREAT successes!! WOW! Love all of them! You are getting so much done!!

    I'm starting homeschooling next year (with a newborn too!) and have been trying to get ideas for all the different subject areas too. Maybe there is a local music and movement class near you the kids can take weekly to cover music appreciation? My daughter takes piano, so I have that covered - but if lessons are out for you, a group class could work and lessen your load with a new baby. I'm glad I won't be alone homeschooling as a newbiw, with a new baby!


  2. Congratulations on #4!!! (We just had #4 last week), babies are such a blessing. Good job on planning out homeschooling for next year!

  3. Wow, you're planning for next year already? I thought I was the only gung-ho homeschooling mom that planned before August! Planning this far in advance will be a big help when your 4th blessing arrives :)

    Great job! Great successes!

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  5. ViolinMama, I think we might do piano lessons, too, though they'd be taught by me from a book. (Um, no, I don't really know how to play piano, but I do know how to read music.) I was hoping to also have a small composer study, something more formal than we're doing now (just listening to a CD or two each month by the same composer). I have some ideas of what I want, but they either seem like too much work for me, not enough of a benefit to the kids or too expensive.

    Samantha, congratulations on your #4! It seems like a big step to me. I hope you're doing well!

    Maurisa & Farmer's City Wife, I have to be honest. It's a lot easier right now for me to be excited about next year than excited about this year. Our kindergarten year is pretty relaxed and first grade will be a bit of a change for us.

    Oh, and I made bread machine pizza dough again tonight. I topped it with refried beans and taco meat. Yum! Even the kids ate some.


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