Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Odd Question

Can anyone recommend a reliable yet inexpensive basic outdoor thermometer? I want to put one where I can see it from the front window to know how cold (or hot, summer's coming!) it really is. I suppose eventually we'll use it for lessons, too.

We had one last year, but we questioned its accuracy and the wind kept blowing it down. Eventually the wind killed it, so now we need one again.


  1. No, I haven't. I can't find any mercury ones any more. And the metallic coils didn't respond well to 77 inches of snow.
    Let me know if you get a good answer.

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  3. Mazzucco, we probably don't have to worry about 77 inches of snow.

    Just lots and lots of wind.

  4. We use a digital one that I keep on a window sill. All you have to do is run the small cord from the unit out the window. Just shut the window and you are all set. I think they run 10-15 dollars


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