Monday, March 1, 2010

Taking Inventory

I happily started going through our diapers to figure out what we'd need for the new baby (so glad I can finally write about it here!) and ended up with an elaborate inventory. You can read a little about it over at the Cloth Diaper Outlet blog here.

Kansas Dad thinks I love Excel just a little too much, especially the AutoFilter feature, but I'm just not sure that's possible.


  1. An excel spreadsheet for diapers is just a little scary! You are a cloth diaper nerd! ;-)

    Actually, I could probably use one, except for the fact that I made so many of our diapers, and none have been tested enough to have a real size range I could assign to them. At least I organized them by size so when we outgrow something the next ones are easily found.

  2. Most of the recommended weights are the best guide, anyway. I'd bet the thigh / waist measurements are better, but weights are the easiest. I thought about modifying the chart to reflect some new weight ranges, but ended up deciding against it since it might just be Second Daughter's particularly large thighs combined with a relatively small waist.

    I'm going to start storing our diapers the way I do shoes now - in a box all their own. That way, as you said, it'll be a lot easier to just open one box and pull out the next size up.


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