Friday, April 23, 2010

Lending a Helping Hand

This morning, while changing the crib sheet in our bedroom, I discovered one of First Son's missing socks behind the crib, between the back wall and a storage bin.** Normally, I would have leaned way over and picked it up myself, but with a six-month belly I wasn't sure that was the best idea. I was contemplating my options when I heard First Daughter chattering beside me as she attempted to put the new crib sheet on.

I asked her if she thought she could reach it, then lifted her upside down and leaned over just a tiny bit. Success! As good as a grabber and a lot cuter!

** For those of you curious how First Son's sock ended up behind Second Daughter's crib...I'll confess. I fold the laundry on the master bed. This works best for us because it keeps the little ones that want to jump and disturb piles of clean clothes at bay. When all the clothes are folded, I call in the troops and they put them away. (Even Second Daughter can put her clothes in a bottom drawer.) On the "rare" occasions when the clean clothes have been dumped on the bed but not actually folded, Kansas Dad and I have a habit of tossing them into the crib before we go to bed. (Second Daughter sleeps in a crib in the kids' room at night; she just naps in our room. Fourth Baby will eventually take over the extra crib entirely.) It's really a bit surprising that only one sock has ever been lost in the chasm. So far.


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  2. I always fold laundry on the master bed! And my kids put their clothes away, too (I try to have them help fold, as well). Well, I am working on the 2yr old and then I'll get the oldest to do the baby's clothes sometimes. Our occasions of unfolded clothes still on the bed at night are not rare at all anymore, luckily the big laundry basket is usually still upstairs, so I dump it all in there. I'm just glad I can mostly keep up with laundry, period!

  3. H of B, I cannot imagine how many loads of laundry you must do (and I'm a little afraid to ask). I find it's a much more manageable task with my laundry schedule, but I still have trouble getting the folding done. I dump it on the bed, close the doors so no one can get in there to play (meaning Second Daughter) and then forget all about it until it's time for me to go to sleep!

    Maybe I should just plan on putting it all in big baskets and then folding in one big session the next morning. It would probably take 20 minutes to fold and 10 minutes for the kids to put them away and then we'd be ready for another day's worth of washing.


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