Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A List of All Our Homeschooling Books

While thinking about what I'd like us to do next year, I considered writing out course guides that listed all the books and resources I intended to use. I quickly realized it would be useful to have lists like that for kindergarten. Of course, I have all the books recorded in our planner, but it's not easy to glace through the year and see everything. I started to type them out, but then decided I'd rather have them on the blog. It's always the first place I look when I'm trying to remember something we did together.

So I've written out most of our 2009-2010 resources on a new page. You can find it linked in the sidebar and (for those who use Google Reader or something similar) you can click here. I'll be updating it a bit as we finish up our year, too. I've already started the list for 2010-2011 and will post it when I've finalized the main texts. (I use the word finalized loosely as I'll probably change a bunch of them once we get started.)


  1. I made a booklist organized by subject at the beginning of kindergarten, and it's basically been our outline for the year. When we finish with a book, I just go back and pull out the next one in the list. Very free-form to be sure. Next year we're going to be more organized (and probably use some of the packaged curriculum plans from, but for kindergarten it was great. Since I've marked off which ones we've actually done, and put notes by a few (very few) that were not the greatest, next time we do kindergarten I should have a pretty good sense of what's realistic to accomplish in a year.

  2. Hilary, I'd love to see what you used for kindergarten!

    That's one reason I wanted to write our list down all in one place, so I could refer back to it in later years without going through our planning book.

    Even my plan for next year doesn't include all the books we'll use. I'm sure I'll be adding as we go along. That's part of the fun!


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