Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Small Successes XXI

It's Thursday and time for Small Successes!

1. I consolidated our craft supplies. I even rediscovered our mosaic squares so the kids used them for an art project on Tuesday. (They don't really seem to grasp the idea of a "mosaic," but they had fun gluing.) I have no idea how long the area will stay organized, but at least it's not in three different rooms anymore.

2. I deleted 15% of the stuff on my hard drive and reformatted it so I could work on our pictures again. I think I'm just delaying the inevitable and will have to delete the vast majority of our picture archive. (Don't worry; it's also on an external hard drive.) I'll worry about that for some other week's Small Successes.

3. I cleared out one bin of toys. Spread over the whole living room, it didn't make much of a difference, but I was able to combine some other bins so we cleared one shelf. Hooray! I think I needed that shelf cleared in the "great rearranging" that looms in our future to get the piano against the wall where I want it.

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