Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Small Successes XXII

It's Thursday and I didn't want to neglect Small Successes (again).

1. I replenished our storm shelter with new gallons of water, fresh batteries in the flashlight/radio, and a couple of diapers. (I forgot the wipes, though. Maybe next week!) We had our first tornado drill. (Schools have them; why can't we?) It was a mixed success. Partly this is because I used the opportunity to bring out the fresh supplies, so that slowed us down getting out the door. Mostly, though, the problem was Moses (our dog). He absolutely refused to go down the steps into the shelter. So the poor thing will have to be crated in the house if there really is a tornado. I'm certainly not going to fight a 50 pound dog when I've got a 20 month old to carry, not to mention the baby in utero.

2. I haven't bought anything off CathSwap all week!

3. I have not yet cracked and yelled at my six year old who definitely got up on the wrong side of the bed. He's been crying and whining and stomping for half an hour now with no sign of getting a grip in sight.

And, a bonus fourth, because I haven't seemed to get any Small Successes posted the weeks I've done the following (all in the past month): got my teeth cleaned (for the first time in over 18 months), got new glasses (the old ones were so scratched!), took First Son to have his eyes checked (alright for now, but he'll probably need glasses in a year or two) and went to confession.

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  1. Love's so easy to go overboard, isn't it?

  2. Wow! What a great list of successes! Self-control with shopping AND your temper. Job well done MOM!!
    Blessings and Grace...

  3. Majellamom, oh, so easy! And now I think I have to stop talking to other homeschooling moms because I want to go out and buy all the really cool things they found as well! But I'm restraining myself.

    Mary, it got much worse as the day wore on. At one point, he was in my room kicking and screaming. But we all survived. It helped that he was being completely unreasonable about something I cared nothing about. It would have been a different story otherwise!

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies!


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