Friday, May 21, 2010

Archway Flowers

We have an arch leading in to the fenced front yard. Last year it was so overgrown with four different vines I felt claustrophobic every time I walked through it. Early this spring, Kansas Dad just started pruning. I told him to prune as much as he liked. As far as I could tell, the vines were ones that could handle it. So far everything seems to have survived.

The honeysuckle, in fact, has gone crazy. It's grown so much it needs to be pruned again! It doesn't look like the honeysuckle I remember from my childhood, but it smells like it - wonderful!

The clematis didn't bloom much last year (maybe four flowers) and this year we've only found one. I think the honeysuckle was already strangling it and the pruning only gave it more of an upper hand. Such is life on the Range. Now that I know how beautiful it is in person, we may purchase some to plant elsewhere.

And, because you haven't seen them recently, here's a picture of the chickens enjoying their summer home. Kansas Dad has been moving them around in the "garden" (where we planted stuff last year, but nothing yet this year). They're feasting on weeds and baby grasshoppers, improving our soil one day at a time.


  1. Do you have enough eggs that you sell? We used to get them from the Carmelites, and now typically get them from one of my hubby's patients, but always like to know I have options (other than the grocery store) out there.

  2. Monica, we would be happy to pass on extra eggs, but so far we haven't had enough to try to find a market for them. I'll remember your interest, though!

  3. That's cool. Like I said, we have a "hook-up" for now so we're good, but I always like having multiple options out there, as we much prefer farm eggs to store eggs.


  4. KM - I haven't been out on your site for a while, have missed you! Can't believe how big the chickens are - and the chickadees also.

    Seeing your honeysuckle was a nice memory - that's the variety that grew in my backyard growing up. Had only seen the reddish variety in IL. :)

    Hugs! Hope you're feeling well.


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