Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Fun Wildflower Identification

I think this is Hedge Bindweed.

The two above are Pale Poppy Mallow.

Don't these look strange? They're Blunt-Leaf Milkweed (or Sand Milkweed).

I'm pretty sure this is Violet Wood Sorrel. The pictures of the flowers are at different angles, but the leaves look the same.

I'm pretty sure the two pictures above are Purple Poppy-Mallow.

Above we have some patches of Yellow Sweet Clover.

The kids and I picked a few of the wildflowers for a bouquet. They don't always survive the trip indoors and into a vase very well, but it's fun (especially for First Daughter). Above we have Goat's Beard (unfortunately, all closed up so you can't see how much fun it is), some of the Violet Wood Sorrel (most of which did not like the vase very much), Prairie Larkspur (one of my favorites though we don't seem to have a lot of it here on the Range), and Annual Fleabane.

I'm glad I took pictures of these flowers. We've had a lot of rain recently so our grasses are growing quite wild. We'll be having the "lawn" mowed soon and will loose most of the flowers when we do. I'm tempted to leave more of it for them, but it also harbors ticks and bunnies, so all the stuff close to the house will be sheared off.

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