Saturday, May 15, 2010

Snake in the Tree

First Son announced he could see a snake from the kitchen window at breakfast a few days ago. We all ran over and searched for it, six-year-olds not being known for being specific in the placement of sighted animals. Kansas Dad finally spotted a tiny little snake hanging out in the tree. You might be able to see it near the top right of the picture. (Kansas Dad took it through the window.)

I went out later and got a slightly better picture from the other side of the tree (after the snake had moved a bit).

I'm pretty sure it's a Western Ribbon Snake.


  1. Oh, thanks, now I will be thinking about seeing snakes in our trees. And I will not take any pictures either!

  2. Kansas Dad tells me repeatedly the snakes only bite if you try to pick them up or something.

    That doesn't keep me from checking the crib before I put the baby in or thinking someday I'm going to open up my washing machine and find one in there.

    Hmm...not sure I'm helping you out here...


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