Sunday, May 30, 2010

Strange and Beautiful

We discovered a new wildflower a few days ago. Check out this Catclaw Sensitive Briar:

Here's a closer look at the flowers:

They are really cool. We also have prairie larkspur blooming all over. Kansas Dad is going to mow soon because the grass near the house is about knee-deep, but we've decided to leave open the space in front of the driveway so we can continue to enjoy all the wildflowers (and frankly, it would take a month to mow it all with the push mower he's going to borrow).


  1. Hey! Thanks for identifying this for us! We happened to run across this exact flower a couple days ago while taking a walk here, and had not looked it up yet. I have lived most of my 49 years, but don't remember seeing this wildflower around here before. Steven wondered at the time if it was some type of mimosa. He enjoyed poking it to make it close up :)

  2. Tracy, I love looking up wildflowers on the Kansas Wildflower site -- it's so easy because you can search by time of flowering and color. This one happens to be one of the more unusual and fun flowers we've discovered so far.


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