Monday, May 17, 2010

A Warning Regarding Dresses, Knickernappies and Storm Shelters

If you happen to be the kind of parents whose toddler daughter wears dresses (because the diaper changes are faster than with pants) and who choose to cloth diaper (in this case, using a Knickernappies pocket diaper) and who live in Kansas without a basement so have installed a storm shelter, beware.

Your daughter will discover the joy of sliding down the storm shelter, which is bigger than her little slide and easier for her to climb than the ladder to the big slide. In the winter, this activity will seem innocuous. In the summer, though, her dress will ride up, putting the diaper cover in direct contact with the cement of the storm shelter. And the cover will develop tiny little tears. Nothing that would interfere with the diaper's function (yet), but enough to make you think perhaps we won't wear this particular diaper cover to church anymore. And wonder if you can manage to put this particular cover on each time you're heading outside to play with said daughter.

And then you will begin to wonder if the ease of diaper changes might be outweighed by the desire to protect the diaper covers from further drastic wear and tear.


  1. OH dear!!!

    I wondered if you cloth diapered. I had an inkling you might. Isn't it great?!! What all do you use. I mainly use prefolds with Thirsties covers, plus make some of my own fitteds. Always glad to find another fellow cloth-diaperer.

  2. Okay, I just skimmed your posts tagged with cloth-diapering so you don't have to answer that question. Looks like you've tried a lot!! There is so much cool stuff out there? Have you tried the Kissaluvs contours? They work pretty well and are very trim. We use the prefolds from GreenMountain, and I LOVE how they fit.

  3. Monica, the only Kissaluvs we've tried are some of the size 0 we bought used from friends a few years ago. We liked them, but I haven't tried any of the others. We've found the pocket diapers (and Knickernappies in particular) to be our favorites. We alternate those with Crickett's fitted diapers and Thirsties covers. The baby will be almost entirely in fitted diapers (some one-size) and covers because that's what we have in the smallest sizes.

    I've tried a few prefolds, but I prefer the fitteds. They're just so much easier. (Kansas Dad was not a fan at all of the prefolds. He likes his diapers to be simple, and I like a dad that will change diapers.)

    There are way too many cool diapers out there. I have to really restrain myself from buying any more as we have more than enough for our needs!

  4. Kansas Dad and I see eye to eye on this topic! :-)

  5. Joel, I've read that the prefolds are just as easy, once you get used to them. I find it hard to believe, though I'm sure they get a lot easier with some skills. I still prefer to pay just a little bit more and get fitted or pocket diapers.

  6. Oh no! How awful to lose a diaper...though it's happened to all of us I think!

  7. Luckily, Heather, the diaper is still functional. I've learned to be more careful where the storm shelter is concerned, though!


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