Thursday, June 10, 2010

Small Successes XXIII

1. I'm posting some Small Successes! (Ok, I won't really count that.) Kansas Dad has been handling a lot of the meals around here. Mine have mostly been peanut butter and jelly or left-overs (from something Kansas Dad made). Now that the strawberry harvest is pretty much over (the June-bearing anyway), I've found a little more energy. Right now I have bread in the machine, two pounds of dried beans cooking and a potful of brown rice simmering. (Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll be making some burritos. Perhaps we'll eat some, but the majority will go in the freezer for quick meals before and after baby is born.) Last night, I made some maple strawberry smooch with some of the most recent harvest. Kansas Dad has been picking about five pounds every few days (instead of 16 pounds every other day), so it's more manageable. Cake flour is on the grocery list for tomorrow so we can try some over pound cake.

2. Yesterday the kids and I put away the clean clothes that had been accumulating in the master bedroom. At least they were folded...the piles just kept growing!

3. I pulled out some zucchini from the freezer and plan to make chocolate chocolate chip muffins with it tomorrow (or Saturday, if the whole wheat flour comes home from the store after my energy is gone). First Daughter will be pleased as she's been begging to help bake.

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  1. Wow that's a LOT of strawberries!! How many plants do you have?

    Can I just say, again, that you have some of the most adorable kids I've ever seen? Congrats on #4!

  2. Wow! You are one busy lady! :)Those muffins sound yummy.

  3. FCW, Kansas Dad planted 150 plants last spring and many of those sent off shoots that he stapled down so they'd make their own roots. So it's more than that now. About half of those are June-bearing, I think. We gave away a lot of the harvest this year (begging people to come pick them) because I just couldn't keep up with what he was picking!

    I think our kids are adorable, too, but we didn't have much to do with it. They just came that way.

    Young Mom, I don't feel busy. Mostly I feel tired. ;-) When I'm not pregnant, I bake at least 2-3 times a week, so I'm quite a bit below average right now. Hopefully it'll pick back up again in late fall once the baby is out of the crazy newborn stage and our homeschooling is under control. (Wait...does that ever happen?)

  4. Awesome list of successes Kansas Mom!! I wish I lived close by so I could come and pick strawberries. WOW! Love zucchini muffins! Love them!! You've inspired me to make some this weekend. Rest when you can. I hope this next week is even better. Blessings and Grace!

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  7. I am constantly amazed by what you are able to accomplish. You've inspired us to go strawberry picking tomorrow. Unfortunately we have to go to a u-pick farm as we have no room for our own strawberry patch. At least we manage to squeeze in a little sq. ft. garden here on our small city plot.

  8. Hilary, have fun picking strawberries! (It's a lot more fun when you're not picking them for three hours a day every other day.)

    You can grow strawberries in containers. You probably wouldn't have a lot of them, but it would be fun to have a few for the kids to munch right off the vine - so delicious!

    And you don't need too many to make jam, so you can certainly pick enough for a batch of even two in one outing. Hopefully you get a bunch of good ones!


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