Monday, June 28, 2010

Um, Thanks...

Today, Grammy and I took the kids to the zoo for the morning. (Followed by lunch at Grammy's house and a trip to her neighborhood pool, which Second Daughter thought was just about the best place in the entire world. I think she laughed for an hour and a quarter straight. Grammy handled a lot of the kid-wrangling, but I'm still exhausted.)

Anyway, while we were at the zoo (and if I weren't so lazy, I'd show you some of the pictures), another mom smiled at me (in quite a nice way, actually, considering what was coming) and asked, "Are you having one baby or two? You're so big."

"Oh, just one!" I answered, laughing;.(Seriously, who asks something like that?)

"You must be due soon, " she continued.

Um...I'm not due for four weeks.

Seriously. She thinks I'm having twins, and soon. Oy. I really must be bigger than I feel, though that's hard to believe.


  1. Um, wow. People are soooo rude. I mean, really??!!!! Had that woman never been pregnant? I have a friend who was preggo last fall and another woman kept insisting everytime she saw her that she was going to have twins because she was so big. And this person had had kids of her own/been pregnant before. Seriously!! I won't even ask a woman when she's due unless it is very, very obvious that she is pregnant. And even then, I'm pretty cautious about whether I say anything or not. It's just not worth upsetting people. But really, in your case, how horribly tacky and inappropriate. I say be pregnant and proud. (And I am super impressed you attempted a trip to the zoo with three kids during summer at 8 months pregnant. Props.)

  2. The weird thing, Monica, is she seemed really nice. I think she was trying to commiserate with me about the heat or something. But it definitely came out all wrong.

    Luckily, Kansas Dad and I had a good laugh about it.

    I'm not sure I would have tackled the zoo alone. Grammy is amazing with them. She took all three for the last little bit while I sat in the shade. The swimming was a bit harder since we needed an adult to be with each daughter the entire time. (Neither could reach bottom.) But the water felt pretty good and Grammy pulled both girls home in the wagon.

  3. People do say the weirdest things. Do you ever get the horror birth stories from people, or the sad miscarriage stories? I'm with your friend, Monica, in that it's best not to say anything unless you're really sure!! I don't think I would even say anything like that to my closest friends. I'm not sure how telling someone that they are really big can be preceived as a good thing! What pregnant women really need to hear is, "You look great!"

  4. It seems like you could have come back with a number of snappy replies. "I may be pregnant, but in a year the baby weight will be gone, and you'll still be ugly" is one. Another is, "No, I'm not pregnant. Do you really think I'm fat?"

    But perhaps that's not what Jesus would have said (had Jesus been a pregnant woman in a society in which pregnant women took their children to the zoo to meet inconsiderate people who might ask about their reproductive health and appearance).

  5. At least she didn't ask (I assume): "Are you done after this one?" :) I've had women tell me I looked big (with Joseph the most) and I agree, it is not a very nice comment. We can say it about ourselves, but nobody else had better say it!

    Here is something for you if you want to feel better: a link to a post with a picture of me 36.5 weeks pregnant with the twins. Talk about big!

    Hope you are staying cool! And by the way, I thought you looked like a beautiful pregnant woman last week!

  6. Thanks, all! H of B, I think it's easier to handle comments on the huge belly than comments on our family's size. Luckily, four really isn't that big for our area, so no one has said anything about it.

    In defense of the woman at the zoo, I did measure at 40 weeks today, so by at least one objective measure I do look like I should be giving birth soon. (Frankly, I feel like it, too. Unfortunately, my doctor says it doesn't work that way; just means the baby is on the big side. Nice, huh?)

  7. @Jill, oh gosh yes the stories people decide to tell you when you're pregnant are nothing short of horrid. Seriously, what possesses people to think that is even a remotely good idea??


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