Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Small Successes XXVI

1. Baby and I made it to 37 weeks! This, of course, is really more God's success than mine or baby's since all we had to do was wait it out and hope for the best, but it's just too wonderful to be considered "full-term" not to mention it. Now I can go straight to the birthing center when I feel like I'm in labor.

2. I've packed the hospital bag. It even has some treats for the older kids (more to keep them entertained at the hospital while others are meeting the baby than as "big brother/sister" gifts). We just need to remember to grab the camera and the insurance cards on our way out the door. Oh, and the hospital bag. ;-)

3. I finished Second Daughter's baby album!! I can't believe how long that's been hanging over my shoulder. I have four more pictures to order, but the pages are printed and they just need to be slipped in, so I'm going to consider it done.

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  1. Great successes! I pray that your labor and delivery go well and baby is born safe and sound. #3 is HUGE! I am about 7 years behind on mine!
    Have a great week!

  2. Great success on number 3. I still haven't even started an album for my youngest who will be 5 next week.

  3. Thanks, Mary and Karen! I made my own baby book this time and it was much easier than using a purchased book. I just had to sit down and do it!


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