Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well-Timed Recovery

First Daughter: I want Sprite to drink.

Mama: Sprite is only for when you're feeling sick.

First Daughter: I'm feeling a little sick right now.

Mama: Well, if you're feeling sick, you can't help Mommy make cupcakes for the birthday party tomorrow.

First Daughter: I'm only feeling a little sick. I'll feel all better right before it's time to make the cupcakes.


  1. Clever girl. Gatorade (pronounced with a short a by miss Gemma-goo) is the special sick drink at our house. Almost makes being sick worth it. ;-D

  2. How precious! Kids know just how to get around things, don't they?

  3. Yeah...she didn't get the Sprite, though. She did feel well enough to make cake, though. (Apparently, First Daughter is under the impression that a box of cake mix made as a cake will taste better than the same box mix made as cupcakes. Who am I to argue? The cake pan is easier to wash.)

  4. You pick your battles. ;-D I like that and would agree..."no" to the sprite, "yes" to cake vs. cupcakes. Everyone won!

    By the way, I like the new look of your blog. Gemma has a shirt (she was wearing it in the professional pics in fact) that is strikingly similar to First Daughter's.

  5. Thanks, Monica. I liked quite a few of the new templates Blogger has. My mom picked that shirt up second-hand somewhere and I really like it.


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