Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Catholic Company Review: Celebrate the Season

Celebrate the Season edited by Diane M. Lynch

This book is a collection of twelve short stories aimed at 8-12 year old children all set during Advent or the Christmas season. Each story is written to guide children in learning about the true meanings of giving, blessings, gratitude, thoughtfulness and joy. A few discussion questions are found at the end of each story.

The introduction is a great explanation of Advent, the Catholic liturgical year, and some of the Church traditions of the holiday season. We will certainly read this together early in Advent.

I was pleased at the stories themselves, which seem like they would work quite well as read-alouds for First Son. (He may be able to read them himself, especially by Advent.) They are only a few pages long, a good length for us to read together and then discuss. Some of the questions would need to be adapted for a younger child at home. I don't know exactly how well the stories would work with an older pre-teen (wait, are they "tweens" now?), but I think they are realistic enough for First Son. Sometimes modern stories written toward a particular moral can be stilted.

I'm certain it was purposeful, but I like how the stories reflect a wide range of cultures (specifically Mexican and Polish). Our own extended family is mixed (by adoption and marriage) and stories like these can become starting points for discussions of our own family.

The only story that gave me pause was one focused on a boy with a new baby brother. Of course in the end he realizes what a gift his brother is, but it's always a fine line with such stories. We haven't had any problems with the older three showing signs of anger or hostility to Second Son and I'm not sure I want to give them any ideas. We may just skip that story, but I look forward to sharing this book with the kids this Advent.

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  1. Mmmmmm, I hear you about the sibling thing. So many books portray that in a negative way. Gemma got a book from my sis in law called The Big Sister book, before Kolbe was born, and it was pretty OK, but I taped the pages together where it showed the big sister feeding the baby from a bottle. That realllllllly annoys me. A lot.

    When we, God-be-willing, have another one on the way I think I am going to get either one or both of these.

    I actually have never read either one, but I have yet to be disappointed with Sears so am quite certain I would approve of and like the content. And we had his You Can Go to the Potty Book and that one really seemed to speak to Gemma in that department, and was so incredibly well done that I've just got to imagine these will be as well.

  2. Our favorite new baby books are by Joanna Cole called I am a Big Brother and I am a Big Sister. They only show good parts of being bigger and still very much loved. They do show a bottle, though. That never bothered me much, though First Daughter did say yesterday she wished she could give Second Son a bottle. I just told her it was better for me and for him this way and she seemed to accept it.


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