Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Small Successes 30

I certainly can't come up with anything to top last week's successes, but let's see what I can find...

1. Second Son is nursing well. We know he's gaining weight and it almost doesn't hurt at all anymore.

2. Second Son was baptized!

3. I'm going to be alone with all four kids for about an hour later today. (Can I post a small success that hasn't quite happened yet?) I'm predicting at least one simultaneous melt-down when two or three of them are crying or demanding attention at the same time. Surprisingly, I'm not that worried about it. (Perhaps that's the real success.)

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  1. Your family is so beautiful! What blessings, and yeah for you today on being alone with them. It'll be great because of your attitude!

    Welcome to the Church wee one! Congrats!!

  2. Yes, you may post a success that hasn't happened. It just means you'll have all of us praying for you & it WILL be a success!

  3. Awesome week! The fact you aren't worried about being alone with all 4 kids is the success!! Just offer up any melt-downs to Mary!! God Bless

  4. Fantastic week! Welcome to the church triumphant second son! Can't wait to see what happens next week...

  5. Thanks, ladies. Your prayers were answered! We ended up being alone for about an hour and a half without mishap.

    I'm guessing some time next week we'll have to survive a lot longer on our own. Second Son may learn what it's like to be in the baby swing for a few minutes!


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