Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quote: My Cup of Tea

From "Less Than Perfect" in Danielle Bean's My Cup Of Tea: Musings Of A Catholic Mom:
When prayer time becomes exasperating, it helps to remind myself that when it comes to prayer, it truly is the thought that counts. Even when two-year-old Stephen tires of the rosary and strips off his pajamas to amuse his older siblings, we are trying very hard to pray, and our sincere efforts are pleasing to God.
We might not say a flawless family rosary until Stephen is in college. We might never say one. The point is, though, that we are praying. Just as a loving parent would never reject a small child's imperfect attempt to say, "I love you," our Father and Mother in heaven will not be offended by our well-intentioned prayerful blunders.

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