Sunday, September 19, 2010

Alphabet Pretzels Brought to You by the Letter A

Way back on September 2nd, the kids and I made pretzels together. The idea was to encourage First Daughter in her letter-learning by shaping the pretzel dough into letters, particularly A and B. She decided to make some other letters and I didn't mind.

Playing with the dough was the fun part, of course. First Son was just as eager to make letters; he decided O was the easiest letter to shape.

Here's First Daughter with the letters she made, with lots of help from Mama.

Then, we ate! I thought my kosher salt was too chunky for such little pretzels, so I made cinnamon-sugar topping instead. The kids informed me they were actually cookies. (Notice we had to change our clothes, too. Perhaps St. Nicholas will bring aprons for the kids this year...)

I used a recipe from Mitten Strings for God: Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry but I thought it was nothing great. It also did not make very much; plenty to entertain the kids when divided in half, but it really only lasted for one snack. If I were to use it again, I'd double it and shape half the dough myself. I think instead I'll seek out another recipe. A friend suggested the ones with egg are tastier.


  1. Very neat idea, way to speak to those kinesthetic learners!!

    I was just looking at that puzzle on Amazon this weekend! We have two great capital letter puzzles (check out tomorrow's post), and I intend to get Montessori sandpaper letters at some point. Have you found your upper/lowercase puzzle to be a good tool for letter learning?

  2. Absolutely! I'm pretty sure First Son taught himself his letters using that puzzle. (In fact, he taught himself the uppercase letters with a different puzzle and I bought this one so he could learn the lowercase ones.)

    We've been using the sandpaper letters and I think they're helping First Daughter learn her letters a bit. It's a slower process for her than her brother, but then again, he probably did most of his letter learning at his daycare/preschool.

  3. And see what other fun things you can do with this puzzle:

  4. THANKS! I'll have to check into that book. Looks like the Public Library here in town has a Halloween version, but not the original. Looks cute though.

    By the way, does your upper/lower case puzzle have pictures under the letters? It looked like the one on Amazon did, and I'd honestly prefer one that didn't. Where did you find yours?

  5. I think we bought our alphabet at the Toys R Us when everything was on clearance because they were converting to Babies R Us. It does have the pictures under the letters, though.

    There should be a copy of the original Alpha Oops at the big city library. That's where we checked it out.

  6. Thanks! I'll have to check again, when I did the online search it only came up with the Halloween one. Hmmm...

    We have a wonderful alphabet book this week called P is for Pumpkin that is so sweet and religious themed as well. It is very nice.


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