Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quote: Haystack Full of Needles

 Alice Gunther in Haystack Full of Needles, A Catholic Home Educator's Guide to Socialization:
Over the years, our celebrations have become more elaborate, but the seeds for following the rhythms of the Liturgical Year at home were sown in Jeanne's dining room and watered with a good dowsing of Elmer's glue. I had always been a devoted Catholic, but time spent in the company of homeschooling mothers brought my faith to the forefront as never before.


  1. Good quote. I like and can identify.

    Where did you get the little deal at the bottom you can click to share (to Facebook, blogger, etc.)?

  2. Monica, I felt the same way (obviously).

    I think the email link (and other things) is controlled from the Basic Settings page where it says "Show Email Post links?"


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