Friday, October 1, 2010

First Daughter Is Four

First Daughter turned four over a week ago. I've been here the whole time, but it's hard to believe it's really been four years.

She needs a size five in pants because the fours are much too small, but I can hardly believe it. How could she have grown so tall? (She looks remarkably like one of her cousins in Illinois in this picture.)

She requested T. Rex cookies for her birthday. Because no one here likes sugar cookies that much, I made chocolate chip cookie bars in a 12 x 17 pan and used cookie cutters. They were such a hit we'll be making pan cookies and cutting them up like this again. (For those loath to munch the cookie bits left over from the pan, save them in the freezer to sprinkle on ice cream for chocolate chip cookie sundaes.)

She loves clothes. She's always asking for new clothes, but she just means "new-to-me." She is perfectly satisfied with whatever she gets: hand-me-downs are just as good as designer labels. In fact, she loved opening the box of winter clothes we packed away last spring. They didn't really fit her anymore, but she tried them all on anyway and asked each time if she could put it in her room despite the pant legs and shirt sleeves that stopped an inch or two above where they were meant to be.

She loves shoes. For her birthday, she asked for "flashy" shoes (ones that light up when she jumps) and flip-flops. Kansas Dad found some flashy shoes for her, but they are a little big. When did stores stop carrying half sizes? (We have flip-flops already for next summer.)

Her favorite games are "Dora and Diego" or "Jack and Annie" - a brother, a back pack and an imagination. She'll settle for playing "Mama and Baby" with Second Daughter during lessons, though.

She loves just about everything First Son loves, so dinosaurs are near the top of her list. This post is about First Daughter, but First Son drew this wonderful card for her birthday.

She is currently enamored with dot-to-dots and sometimes mazes. She will sit with her brother and "work" for hours.

She loves to paint. She asks to paint almost every day. When she paints, she covers her sheet with paint until it nearly tears apart. We had an "art" party for her birthday, with plenty of painting by all the kids.

I wish I loved to let her paint.

She is signed up in the kindergarten class at our monthly faith formation club and in the Sunday School class at our parish, both of which are really preschool / kindergarten. She loves being in a class, even though First Son is not with her.

At choir, she wants to be next to First Son. Always. He knows this and tries to stay near her.

She had her birthday pancake with blueberries - a pancake as big as her head.

She does not like mashed potatoes. This is notable because First Son does. She loves yogurt. This is notable because First Son does not. Her favorite candy is Pez, though she likes just about anything sweet. (First Son does not like Pez, either.)

We are working together on learning her letters. She can already count to 100 and write "R." She cannot read, but she loves pulling out First Son's chapter books and flipping through them, even leaving a bookmark to save her place.

She loves to help me cook or bake, most of all when we use the stand mixer. More than that, she loves to taste what we're making and all the ingredients we use. I would never have guessed how many times a girl could taste flour or vanilla, but she is apparently not unique in this desire as Second Daughter tastes just as often.

 Happy birthday, my love, and may God continue to bless us through you!


  1. Wonderful post!! I love reading about her relationship with first son. That is just marvelous.

    Gemma loves trying all the random things when we cook too, and I always love her commentary on how it tastes (especially when it's something like powdered garlic or baking soda). It's cute.

    I believe Payless carries half sizes. At least they did last spring when I was there last for G. OH shoes. It is so hard to know what to get when their feet grow so quickly. Bleh.

  2. This was a great post for getting to know first daughter better. I still can't believe I've never even met her. Soon, hopefully.

    I'm very impressed with both her and first son's drawings! And I can relate to the opposite likes/dislikes. It seems with our first two we always have one who's thrilled with the dinner and one who doesn't like it, no matter what it is.

    Clover and first daughter will have to get together to share their love of painting sometime.

  3. Cute cookies! We'll have to try that. I like the new top picture, too!
    Eliza has a pair of light-up shoes my mom got her for Christmas last year, and she loves them. It's nice because they are easy-on lightweight sneakers, so she can wear them year-round.
    I'm glad first daughter had a happy birthday!

  4. Monica, she seems to be doing just fine with the 10s, but I will remember Payless the next time we need shoes. Usually we can get by for the girls with what's handed down from my nieces.

    phillybean, I think I missed part of your comment.

    Hilary, I'm going to try to write posts like this for all the kids on their birthdays. I'm shocked sometimes at how little I remember - or I'll remember something but not how old they were. So a few weeks before a birthday I start jotting down notes in a post and clean it all up with some pictures from the special day. We'll try to get the paints out when you come for a visit. (It'll happen someday!)

    Tiffany, Second Daughter got flashy shoes, too, so the girls have been having lots of fun together. I don't like them as much because I feel like I can't put them through the wash (which I've been known to do with almost all the other shoes). Do you wash yours?


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