Monday, October 18, 2010

A New Christmas Eve Tradition: Oplatki

I received an email today inviting me to consider a new holiday tradition: oplatki.

Oplatki Christmas wafers, decorated with images like the Nativity, began as a Christmas Eve tradition in Poland. (Hooray for Poland! My grandmother is Polish.) The head of the household (that would be Kansas Dad here on the Range, of course) breaks the bread and distributes it to each member of the family with a kiss and a blessing. It seems like a wonderful way to take a sweet breath after the frenzy of finishing Christmas preparations and a Christmas Eve feast, to recognize the blessings of our family and to pray for each other on one of our most glorious holidays.

For the first year in many years, Kansas Dad and I (and the kids) will be at home in Kansas for the whole of Advent and I have been seeking a few new traditions to explore. This one will be easy for me to prepare (um, open the box!) and will fit nicely with my goal of focusing on our Lord and our family.

I have not received any payment for this blog post, but I will receive a sample of oplatki from The Catholic Company to try this Christmas Eve.

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