Monday, October 4, 2010

Not So Much Fun

This morning, I have a dentist's appointment. I had asked Grammy if she could watch the kids mainly because I didn't think I could adequately control Second Daughter from the confines of the dentist's chair. I gave the older two a choice: come with me to the appointment or stay and play at Grammy's house.

First Daughter considered for a while, "They both sound like fun."

Surprised, I responded, "You know, you wouldn't be getting your teeth cleaned. You'd just be watching Mommy get my teeth cleaned."

"Oh, I guess I'd rather play with Grammy then."

Now that's a girl who loves going to the dentist.


  1. LOL, sounds like my nieces. They actually do a "dentist dance" at school (my house) when they find out they have an appointment. Dentists, to me, equal pain. Dentists, to them, equal gum and stickers.

    Maybe I should ask for gum and stickers next time :).

    Hope your appointment goes well!

  2. We went to the dentist today too! My kids also like the dentist. With three of us getting teeth cleaned, when we left we had enough free toothbrushes, stickers, floss, prizes. etc. that it looked like we had birthday party loot bags! I said to the receptionist that I was surprised the hygenist could clean the kids' teeth, with how much they were chatting!

  3. No cavities for me, hooray!

    My kids go to a pediatric dentist and get to watch videos on the ceiling while their teeth are getting cleaned. Of course she loves it! (But she does really love her teeth and brushing, too.)

    I was just glad Second Son slept through the whole visit because I wasn't sure she's be able to clean my teeth while I wandered the office with him in the football hold...


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