Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Satisfying Day

This morning did not start very well. I discovered Second Daughter had undressed herself sometime during the night and then gone back to sleep with expected results for a 26 month old not even close to potty training. Of course, Second Son cried the whole time I was cleaning her up and covering the bunk bed ladder with cardboard (so Second Daughter would not climb up every time she walked into the room and thought to herself, "Oh! We have bunk beds. I should totally be up there right now!").

Things got back on track, though, and we ended up with a lovely day. We finished all of our lessons, even catching up a little on history and catechism. We enjoyed choir as always and I had dinner well on the way when Kansas Dad got home. I needed a day like today.

Some funny stories from the day:

We played outside for a little while in the gorgeous sunny fall weather. I suggested marching around the house and First Son insisted we do so seven times while he hummed music from one of the Jericho videos. I joked to First Daughter, "I hope our house doesn't fall down!"

She replied, quite seriously, "No, we won't yell at the end."

Later, I read one of the fables from Aesop's Fables for Children: Includes a Read-and-Listen CD (Read and Listen) to First Son. In the fable, a man and a lion are walking together and arguing which is greater, man or lion when they come upon a statue. It shows a man conquering a lion so the man uses it as further proof for his argument. The lion says it would be a different statue if a lion had made it.

First Son narrated the story. I then asked (out of curiosity, not worrying too much if he really understood the moral), "What do you think the statue would look like if a lion had made it?"

He answered, without hesitating, "Wobbly."

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  1. What a great day! We had a very nice day as well. And Monday was good too. Makes me happy.


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