Friday, November 19, 2010

Sleep Shock

Second Son is sick. It started out as the cold we all had. Now he has some goopy stuff coming out of his eye. He didn't nap well today, but sometimes that happens even if he isn't sick. More horribly, he's not sleeping well at night, despite the best efforts of the Woombie. So instead of paying bills, planning our lessons for next week or matching up coupons to deals for the grocery shopping tomorrow, I've been sitting on the futon holding a baby.

It's not too bad, I guess. He's a snuggly guy and we have Netflix.


  1. Aaron, Gemma and Kolbe all had the eye goop thing last summer and it ended up being adenovirus (according to hubby and his merck manual). It was ucky, but it ran its course and all was well. Hope you are enjoying the Netflix...the delay in productivity is always difficult for me, but as you say, the snuggles are most definitely super-sweet.

  2. I hope he is doing better today! Snuggly is good, as long as it's not snuggly and whiny. That's what usually happens here.

    Maybe it's a sign to take a break!

  3. Snuggly is definitely good, Monica and H of B. And tonight he's in bed on his own for the first time in three nights, so I'm a happy mom!


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