Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Product Review: Kinderglo Night Lights

A few months ago, we were having a lot of trouble with the kids at night-time. Suddenly, First Son and First Daughter claimed to be frightened of the dark. I'm not really sure what started it all, but it seemed like such a struggle every night. And what do you do if your kids really are frightened? You don't want to dismiss it too lightly, but you also don't want to make a big deal of it or let them run the show.

We talked a lot about how Kansas Dad and I were here, Moses (our dog) was here and God and their guardian angels would always be with them. was annoying us all.

Then Kansas Dad found the Kinderglo night lights. We knew if we were going to buy one, we'd have to buy three. That was a big investment, so we talked about it for quite a while. Finally, the bedtime routine was getting beyond ridiculous and we decided it would be worth the money if we could all get some sleep.

It certainly was!

Kinderglo Portable Fun and Safe Rechargeable Night Light, TyrannosaurusFor First Son, we chose the Tyrannosaurus, for First Daughter, Kinderglo Portable Fun and Safe Rechargeable Night Light, Brontosaurus the Brontosaurus. At the time, you could also buy one shaped like an owl, which is what we got for Second Daughter.

The animals light up in shades of red, blue and green (fading from one to the next). You can set them to stay one single color. By default, they turn off after ten minutes though the kids usually turn them back on with a click of a button. You can set them, however, to stay on all night long. They are never hot and are perfectly safe in the crib or bed all night long.

Our kids adore their "glowing animals." The first few nights they were so excited and enamored, it definitely impaired the "going to sleep" process, but they acclimated. Now, they never go to sleep without their animals. The thread of losing an animal is also the best way to get an immediate response to bedtime noise, too. (For example, after they've been chatting for 30 minutes or so, one of us will go in and say "If you're not quiet, I'm going to come back and take your animal for ten minutes." Instant silence followed quickly by sleep.)

We will probably be in the market for another glowing animal soon and I'm pleased to see Kinderglo has added all sorts of new ones to the line. Don't you think Second Son would like the moose?

I recently had reason to contact Kinderglo and was thrilled with their customer service, too. I whole-heartedly recommend these night lights!

Please note: I did not receive anything in exchange for this review. We purchased all of the night lights ourselves. When I contacted Kinderglo with my question I did not entice or threaten them with a positive or negative review.


  1. Very cool We haven't had this issue (yet) but I will keep these in mind. I know Gemma would be in love.

  2. I hear ya on the horrendous bedtimes though. Oh dear me. We need to commiserate on this in person sometime.

  3. We found a puppy like this for Bean. It's not the same brand, but the same idea. We got it because he'd been waking up in the night and crying because he was disoriented in the dark. This has solved the problem, and he even sleeps better through the night if it's on when he lays down.

    He sure does love his puppy light!

  4. Nicole, we've had some troubles with kids waking up and not being able to find their animals. I'm considering the "on all night" feature to avoid that. I'm glad to hear it helps your son sleep better. I was a little wary because I thought it might keep them up with so much light.

    Monica, I could go on and on about bedtime and sleep, or the lack thereof. Frankly, I could go on and on about the lack of someone's sleep (cough - Second Son) during the day, too. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever stop thinking about when my kids go to bed and how long they sleep. I wonder if my parents still wonder about my sleep.

  5. HA! (about your parents). OH sleep. Who ever knew one could over-analyze it so much. I am much less regimented about it the second go around, but it is constantly in the forefront of my mind. Along with eating. Gah!

    Do you wear second son much. I put K down for his naps in his bed, but if he awakens before a full nap (less than 1hr-ish) I usually just put him in the mei tai (where he is now) and he happily snoozes another 30-45 minutes or more. Kind of limits my activities, but that's OK. And I'm sure with more kids/homeschooling etc. that's not always convenient, but it's a thought.

  6. Monica, I don't wear Second Son too often. Kansas Dad has some luck with the Baby Bjorn inside the house, but I find he's only really happy in a carrier with me if I'm walking somewhere (like at a park or the zoo). Definitely not while making dinner. He's actually quite calm and content, as long as he's being held. I usually don't even have to walk or bounce him or anything. Just hold him and not do anything else. It's incredibly frustrating!

    He also doesn't nap well. The biggest problem there is how long he sleeps at night. He's inconsolable by 7:30 pm and only wants to go to bed. Then he sleeps until 7 am or so, which is pretty much the sleep he needs in 24 hours. So he gets grumpy and upset but isn't really tired enough to nap. I had the same problem with Second Daughter, but she was older and pushing back bedtime wasn't so awful. (What's that? You say I should set the alarm and wake him up in the morning? Oh, curses! What we know we should do and yet hate to do!)

    I'm a work in progress.

  7. Aren't we all! ;-D Have a great day!! (And for the record, I have a terrible time waking a sleeping babe as well. Just. Can't. Do it.)


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